Community Development

As part of SAPETRO’s commitment to community development, we support the Ogochukwu Promise Children’s Home that was established by the Ogochukwu Promise Charity Fund for the purpose of bringing a caring environment to children by offering works of charity beyond human inhibitions.

The home which is located in Yaba, Lagos is run as a model children’s home where the children are made to know and feel that they are beautiful, important and precious, in an environment that enables them to attain their fullest potential in character and learning. It provides shelter and quality education for the children who are aged from birth to adulthood.

The trust is sustained through donations, subscriptions to their magazine, a charity shop and services from volunteer workers and interns. Promise works in conjunction with the Our Lady of Apostles Reverend Sisters, Dominican Priests of the Catholic Church and law Enforcement Agencies who direct abandoned children to her care.

SAPETRO made a commitment to support the home in 2010 and has since provided substantial funds for establishment of the new home which is a two-storey building comprising of the 16 rooms and 3 living rooms and a school with capacity to accommodate 30 children and 6 staff – all resident. Following completion and commissioning of the building in 2011, SAPETRO continues to provide financial support for running the home to ensure that the objectives of its establishment are continuously met.