Covid-19 Support

In these challenging times, as we continue to face a global pandemic, SAPETRO is committed to making a positive impact across Nigeria by collaborating on initiatives with various organisations to flatten the curve, provide much needed medical facilities and reduce the impact of Covid-19.

In support of the battle against the virus, SAPETRO has donated approximately NGN 280 Million to organisations at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19. This includes donations to ABF – Future Assured for the equipping of a hospital in Abuja, as well as to organisations such as WARIF and May & Baker Plc. for the supply of medical equipment, medication and sanitisers across the country.

SAPETRO appreciates the efforts of all the healthcare professionals, key workers and charitable bodies battling this epidemic on the frontlines. We are confident that with continued collaboration across the board, we will conquer this virus in Nigeria and across the globe.